Databases of U.S. and Confederate Senators

compiled by David Bratman

Databases last updated: March 12, 2010
Copyright 2000-2010, David Bratman

The web pages linked to from here contain various sortings and fields of a database listing the names and dates of service of all persons who served in the U.S. Senate from its founding in 1789 to the date of the last update, plus all persons who served in the C.S.A. Senate during its lifetime of 1862 to 1865. Comments and corrections are welcome at the address on my home page.

Universe of data:

Who is and who is not a senator, and when they served, is not always precisely clear. The Senate is the judge of its members' qualifications, and when persons present their credentials to the body, the Senate may choose not to seat them immediately if there are any questions about their rights to be there. (On a very few occasions, the Senate has seated persons who were subsequently declared not entitled to a seat.) When persons not seated immediately are subsequently seated, the Senate customarily backdates their beginning of service at least to the date of presentation of credentials (or as far as the date of appointment or election; see below). Persons whose right to a seat is unquestioned are counted as beginning their service on their date of appointment or election (if chosen to fill a mid-term vacancy) regardless of when they take their seats, or even whether they ever take their seats at all (which some short-term fill-in senators have not done).
These practices have led me to the following criteria for inclusion:

The databases:

The fields:

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Various additional sources were also used for name and county data.

Bonus: A table and discussion of the fictional Senate in Allen Drury's novel Advise and Consent.
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