Hotels and Motels in Palo Alto

As a general rule, hotel rates in this area are cheaper on weekends, as the hotels cater mostly to business travelers and this is not a major tourist area.

Our meeting site is near the California Street shopping district (formerly known as Mayfield) in the south part of Palo Alto. Accordingly, the closest and most convenient places to stay are the string of hotels along El Camino Real (state highway 82) running southward [southeast, actually, but locals usually normalize the direction this way]. All of these, I believe, have parking. Only the first three hotels on the list are north of our site, but even the Coronet Motel, which is the closest, is over half a mile away. The string of hotels extends down to San Antonio Road, about 3 miles away. They range from spanking new business hotels to 1950s-era road motels in widely varying states of upkeep. I do not have first-hand knowledge of the interiors of these hotels, but I've classed them as "new" if built within the last few decades, and "renovated" or "old" for the 1950s buildings depending on whether they've been redesigned and updated. I've also included the AAA ratings if they have them. Addresses in Palo Alto unless noted. From north to south, they are:

Some may wish to stay in or near downtown Palo Alto, which is 2 to 3 miles away from our site. Two large chain hotels are located along El Camino Real just outside of downtown, between University Ave. and Embarcadero Rd.

Hotels actually in downtown Palo Alto tend to be actual city hotels with limited or no parking. They are:

There are also several nearby hotels in Menlo Park; info on request.

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